Code of Conduct/ Rules And Regulations Etc.


  • Students should remain within the campus during College hours on all working days.
  • Students bunking classes and loitering around within or outside the campus will be penalized.
  • Use of mobile phone or any other electronic gadgets is strictly prohibited during class hours and inside the library. Defaulters will attract penalty of confiscation of the gadgets, which will be kept in custody of the Principal for two months.
  • Smoking and use of intoxicants are strictly forbidden in the College and in College buses.
  • Ragging in any form to any student will lead to immediate expulsion.
  • Harassment of any female student will lead to immediate expulsion.
  • Malpractices during exams, internal or external, will attract penalty of expulsion from the College.
  • Every student must handle College property with care.
  • Every student must maintain cleanliness of the College campus.
  • No collection of money or fund raising activities is allowed within the College campus, without prior permission from the Principal.
  • It is compulsory for all the students to wear uniform every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On other days, students are to wear decent attire.
  • Every student must, at all times maintain decorum within or outside the campus.

Uniform :

Blue blazer with white T-shirt.

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Code of Conduct
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