The college has implemented KOHA Software to automate its library operations. It is currently semi-automated and houses a collection of 7450 books, including reference books, e-books, magazines, journals, newspapers and other resources. The library is wifi enabled. Photocopier service is provided at a nominal rate. The library also subscribes to N-List. “Best Library User Award” is awarded to encourage the students for maximum & efficient use of library resources. CCTV(Closed-Circuit Television) and Fire safety measures are also installed in the library. The institution is actively pursuing an upgrade for its library development.



The library is closed on Sundays and all public holiday
1. Users should observe strict silence inside the Library. Conversation and discussion disturb the library ambience.
2. While entering the library, users must first sign in and sign out when leaving the library.
3. All users entering the library shall keep their bags and belongings at the Property Counter.
4. Users are advised not to leave their personal belongings, like mobile phones, laptops, purses, credit cards, etc., at the Property Counter. The College/Library authority will not be held responsible for any loss, if any.
5. Users cannot carry eatables/drinks inside the Library premises.
6. Library members must resolve all library materials and dues before leaving the college on course completion.
7. The Research Scholars or any other visitors (outsiders) should get approval from the college/library authority to access the library.
8. The Library Committee reserves the right to suspend the membership of any member found misbehaving towards the library staff or who disregards the library rules.
9. The library staff shall have the right to ask students to leave the library if they are behaving inappropriately or causing disturbance to other users.


10. The library card is non-transferable.
11. It is mandatory for students to bring their Library ID card to check out (borrow) library resources. Loss of Library ID card should be reported to the Librarian. A new card will be issued on payment of Rs.30/-
12. The students can borrow two books for 14 days with a provision of renewals for one time. Overdue charges of Rs.5 per day (including Saturday, Sunday and holidays) will be charged. However, all teaching and non-teaching staff of the college can borrow six books at a time for 28 days with a renewal provision twice.
13. Reference books such as Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Yearbooks and Handbooks will not be issued. Question banks, newspapers, journals, and magazines can only be used in the library.
14. Books borrowed should be handled carefully and protected from rain, dust, insects, etc.


15. Library members will be held responsible for any damage or loss of library materials in their possession and will be required to meet the cost of replacement and processing.
16. Lost library books that are recovered must be handed to the Librarian as they remain the property of the College library.
17. If the borrower loses a book, he/she shall either replace the book with the same or the latest edition. If the book is unavailable, the borrower will recover the actual cost, along with the parcel or transportation charge.