Reports on Seminars/Workshops

26 November, 2021 PGC Phek 0

2020 1. Webinar on ICT teaching tools and Apps 2. Webinar on National Education Policy (NEP)-2020 24-Sep-2020 3. Webinar on Impact of Covid-19; Challenges and Opportunities 2021 1 Celebration of India 75th year of independence Achievements and Challenges 2 Awareness program on Right to Education Act 3 One Day Webinar [Read More…]

Self Study Report and IIQA

20 February, 2019 PGC Phek 0

Self Study Report of Phek Government College for the year 2018. Click on the link to download or view the report. Self Study Report 2018 IIQA of Phek Government College Click on the link to download or view. PHEK_GOVERNMENT_COLLEGE_iiqa. final pdf