Documenting folk information, cultural theft and creative writing

Writer Easterine Kire with the faculty and students of Phek Government College on December 13, 2017

Phek Government College & Barkweaver Publication, Norway organize workshop

Phek Government College in collaboration with Barkweaver Publication, Norway conducted a one day workshop on the theme, ‘Documenting folk information, cultural theft and creative writing’ on December 13, 2017. Dr. Easterine Kire, eminent novelist, poet and winner of the prestigious ‘Tata Literature Live’ award graced the occasion as the resource person. In the first session, she highlighted the need to create awareness on cultural thefts by outsiders. The writer also encouraged and challenged the faculty and students to start a movement where one could preserve and safeguard the rich culture and tradition by patenting. In the second session, the resource person gave a lecture on ‘Folk Documenting’ and shared valuable tips to document such information. She further elaborated on ‘Creative Writing’ and gave an insight of her writing habits and styles.