Constitution of Teachers Association

The Constitution of
as amended on 24th February 2019

We the teachers of Phek Government College, solemnly resolved to constitute ourselves into an Association; to promote the spirit of solidarity ,integrity and welfare of
the teachers; secure a healthy fraternity and understanding amongst ourselves and with other likeminded organizations; foster academic discipline and career of the students.

While upholding a dedicated faith in securing the best of overall college environment, we do hereby adopt, enact and give to ourselves this constitution on this day the 22nd of November, Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Five anno domini.

Article 1.
Name : The name of the Association shall be called the “PHEK GOVERNMENT COLLEGE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION”.

Article 2.
Motto: The motto of the Association shall be “EVER MORE,EVER STRONGER”.

Article 3.

(a) Every member of the teaching faculty of Phek Government College, by virtue of profession, is bound to become a bonafide member of the Association by paying a membership fee to be fixed from time to time.

(b) Loss of membership:

Any member of the Association shall loss its membership, be impeached from office, on ground of indiscipline and contempt of constitution by a simple majority of members present and voting for a given period of time.

Article 4:
Quorum :

The Quorum of the Association as well as the Executive shall be formed by a simple majority.

Article 5:
Tenure :
The Tenure of the executive shall be for a period of 3 years.

Article 6:
Association Executive :
There shall be an Association Executive comprising:
1) President
2) Vice President
3) General Secretary
4) Treasurer

Article 7.
Powers and functions of the Executive:
(1) President
(a) Shall preside over meetings of the Association.
(b) Shall approve the Resolutions of the Association.
(c) Shall Co-ordinate the working of all the executive members.
(d) Shall ,in the event of a tie, cast his deciding vote

(2) Vice President
(a) Shall officiate the President during his absence.
(b) Shall oversee the Association’s election matters.
(c) Shall assist the President in all normal circumstances.

(3) General Secretary
(a) Shall be responsible for all correspondences of the Association
(b) Shall record and maintain all the minutes and proceedings of the Association.
(c) Shall convene meetings in consultation with the President.

(4) Treasurer
(a) shall be the custodian of all Association fund
(b) shall record and maintain all income and
expenditures of the Association.

Articles 8:
Amendments :
The constitution is subject to Amendments by way of addition, deletion or modification as approved by a simple majority of members present and voting.

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